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Highly user friendly corporate features that has been tailed with
empowered management features along with bad hire eradication system

About us

etsCouncil Enriched Talent System complete End to End portal partnering corporates to make workplaces enriched with the best management cultures.

VISION Our vision is to create a level of Quality At corporates that makes managers and employees contribute to reach success with extraordinary technologies that come naturally flexible , secure, mobile , At affordable fee.


etsCouncil provide HR and operational sector of corporates with unique features empowered with ZFT technology (Zero Fake employee Tolerance ) enables the manager and HR to overview the mentality of employees to predict the level of engagement with scientific measures concentrating in Talent Recognition and Skills comparison . corporate with etsCouncil is enabled to take up any challenges counting on employees with best level of confidence and ease of access as etsCouncil enabled a searching tool that filter subjects according to a precise criteria to choose the Talent According to Talent score , skill score and specific competency .

Bad Hire Impacts

Employers Impacted   80%
Fake Employees in IT   20%
Misleading Resumes   78%
Increase in Hiring Cost   200%
Loss on Training Cost   300%
Employee Turnover   80%
Loss in Potential Earnings   30%

Corporate management system Complete management end to end requirements enriched with quality digest strong system

Talent History Throughout life

Acquire detailed Report about your employees from the graduation time Know more about employees before you meet them

Inter-corporate communication channel

Feedback from all possible associates and even clients about your employees sketch a culture media where Rating and talent speak in numbers

Tag Top Talents

Get notified when the top talents in the world start looking for a new job

Avail BGC report shared

Overview shared verified profiles without doing Background checks Save resources and time go for next

360* feedback system
feedback from all possible associates and even clients about your employees sketch a culture media where Rating and talent speak in numbers
Search by talent & beyond
Allow technology to deliver right person at your level of expectation Get the right person for the right challenge search by skills, and competency.
Enhanced Interview flow
Dig up interview status of employee find Number of interview have been conducted
Talent Comparison
Dedicate a tool for fare talent comparison Replicate talents into graphical measurements and numbers

We conduct several rounds of interviews before making an offer but still comes across cases of fraud - Infosys.


Employee data base

Shelter your data at our highly secure server and, Protect your data base from accidental, malicious destruction.

Leave management system

Add value to streamline organization leave data, and Consume small but significant managerial time

Attendance management system

Record the employee logging time on a daily basis will add an extra layer of security, accountability and efficiency to organization.

Time tracking

Track employee time to Optimize overall profitability of organization projects, operations, and Create timesheets to support the payroll of your organization.

Salary management system

Configure complex salary structures with ease, No upfront capital expenditure.

Resource allocation

Assign available resources and schedule activities of employees according to the required work out put and Manage project participants and assignment groups.

Document share

Automate publishing process with more consistent content, Ensure uniformity of shared content in line with built-in regulatory compliance.

Feel good trend

Build strong relationship between organization and employee and allow employee to express his feeling toward organization and participate constructively in the organization policies.

Enhance search

Hunt for the specific candidate in the organization with enhanced tools. Sort by ,name ,designation ,domain and project.

Available Plans


1$ / month/employee

  • Employee Database
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Time Sheet Management
  • Salary Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Management
  • Feel Good Trend
  • 360* Rating System


$ 1.5/ month/employee

  • Basic Package
  • Appraisal System
  • Confidential Survey System
  • Intercorporate Communication Channel
  • Blacklisting Fake Companies
  • Blacklisting Fake Employees
  • Enhanced Interview Flow
  • Natural Bad Hire Eradication System
  • Global Employee Search

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